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♥ Samantha
24 November 2015 @ 12:37 am

Hi, i'm SAMANTHA. Some people know me as --dreamx.

My ultimate goal is to work & live overseas - someday I want to travel the WORLD!

Yes, i like KPOP, but i'm fine with CPOP as well.
Super Junior and FT Island are my drugs, along with many other artistes~

My livejournal consists of FANDOM and DAILY LIFE, so hope you don't mind having to read both.
I'd like to get to know more people, especially those that share the same interests as me.

So yeah, just add me and i'd most probably add you back too (:

I'm nice.. Really.
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♥ Samantha
11 January 2010 @ 11:04 pm
When Kyuhyun Met Hyaku
Pairing: KyuMin with Hyaku
Rating: PG
Summary: Sungmin brings Hyaku home, and Kyuhyun learns to live with the kitten.

Specially written for whenstars_fall
My very first KyuMin fic! This was actually supposed to be a Christmas gift.. but it got delayed due to writer's block. Anyway hope you guys will enjoy it. I might post this up on miracle, depending on my mood.. Managed to get the courage to post this on miracle.

Kyumin and Hyaku. That actually sounded nice.Collapse )
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♥ Samantha
09 February 2009 @ 03:55 am


Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone for sending me birthday wishes at midnight, im really happy hehe~ (secretly laughs~~)!

These days, the schedule is too tight, and im busy until my mind feels slightly in a trance. hehe. Everyday when i wake up, i first think of where am i sleeping. hehe~~. Just now before the performance, while i was resting in the hotel, i watched television until i fell asleep. Everyone had to leave soon, and no matter how the manager knocked on the door calling me, i didn't respond. In the end, the manager had no choice and went to ask the hotel staff to unlock my room door. When the manager woke me up, my first sentence was "Where am I?" I think at that time, i must have been downright knocked out. hehe~~~!

Thanks everyone for celebrating my birthday, every year there is only you to accompany me. hehe~~! You are my everything, thank you. Okay i won't say more, early tomorrow im flying to Korea, and after reaching Korea, i still have to do a recording. I'll "fall" first. hehe~! Goodnight everyone!

I Love You~~~!

Credits: Hangeng's Cyworld
Translations: samantha01989@lj

Happy Birthday Han Geng.. You're a year older now.

I guess its been tough on him, working hard on his birthday for so many years.
This year seems to be no exception either - especially with the 3rd album coming up.
Imagine not having to be able to take a break on your birthday.. the feeling must be pretty crappy. Not just Geng, any of the members.
But they go through all these just to show us the best they've got, and they're happy to do that.
Makes me really admire them for this - their passion, their love for their fans and what they are doing.
Sometimes i really wish i could be like them in this aspect.

but just as there's a time for work.. there's a time for rest. and play.
i think SM just doesn't get this.. judging by how exhausted Geng is.
i hope they do get a break sometime..
♥ Samantha
09 December 2008 @ 11:13 pm

i translated this off a post from sjchina
but a part of me feels guilty for doing it - i just can't explain it.
am i thinking too much?
anyway its only in part cause shieldkitten had already done the earlier parts, refer back here for her translations.
if i did anything wrong by translating this.. im really sorry. it was unintentional.

Translations hereCollapse )
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♥ Samantha
Erica knows, i've been working on this during the past few days. (I started on Wednesday morning.. finished Friday night?)
I could have finished it faster, but i guess procrastination got the better of me.
But in the end, i'm glad i didn't give this up like i initially planned to.

Someone posted this data & description of Donghae in his chinese cyworld, and i translated it cause its really cute and funny too.
Donghae's so adorable and sweet (:
So yeah here it goes, hope you enjoy it..

Read more...Collapse )

Oh and just a tiny warning..
more fangirl expected in future.
I'll try to lj-cut to spare those of you who aren't exactly kpop fans..
worse case scenario, i'll custom group?

♥ Samantha
24 October 2008 @ 09:36 pm
After 4 -5 hours of translations, 10 pages of text, i finished this.
wahaha such a sense of accomplishment.
but i still kinda feel bad that i didnt finish my tutorials, and missed AAA lecture cause i overslept =x
i should stop making a habit out of this.. lol.

Translations under the cutCollapse )Translations Under the CutCollapse )
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♥ Samantha
13 September 2008 @ 01:57 am

I wanted to translate day 4 yesterday night, but gave up after hearing the first few minutes of the clip. I knew roughly what they were talking about.. but to put it in english, its a different story. By the time i got home today, someone else had already done the translations so i wont be doing them after all.

Since i found the day 5 clip on youtube, and nobody had translated it yet, i decided to start working on that one. The guys are soooo adorable here.

Day 5 Translations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zfmnebvAU8

Hangeng: Hi everyone, We are.. Super Junior..
SJ-M: M!
Host: Mmm.. Super Junior M. I want to ask, everytime you say M, all the members will stretch out their palms. Why is it so?
Hangeng: Actually, when we were having activities with the 13 members in Korea, we would stretch out our palms when we say Super Junior. Its an action that represents us.
Host: Okay, a representative action.
Hangeng: So its been passed down to us.

Host: Actually, I would like to thank Super Junior. Because after the last interview I did with you guys, a fan sent me a
present, which was the eyedrops you (Hangeng) were advertising. The support of your many fans has also been important right?So given the chance now, what would you like to say to them?
Hangeng: Im really thankful for the support and attention the fans have showed us, especially for such a long time. They've been so persistent all this while, and we will.. This kind of attention and support gives us motivation, gives us the
strength to produce better music, to have a better album. So in future, we will work harder to produce a better album.

Host: Okay. What do you feel is the most difficult thing in your lives?
Hangeng: I feel my life is still quite good, its more comfortable. Work wise, i feel very happy being with everyone and the staff. There's not much pressure and unhappiness.The few of us are living together now, we help each other out, so i feel happy when we're together.

Host: If you weren't a singer, what occupation would you choose?
Hangeng: My dream is to be an actor.
Host: Oh, to be an actor.
Hangeng: Yeah, so if im not a singer, i would most probably be an actor.
Host: What kind of roles would you like to try?
Hangeng: I would like to try everything. Since i'll be an actor, i can just try anything. For example i can be a beggar..
Host: So now do you start to have this opportunity? As in like the first step.
Hangeng: i have a chance to co-operate with CCTV, i'll be filming an idol drama, and in it, and it'll be featuring several
Olympic themes. In the drama, there might be chances for the members to appear as guest stars. This will be my first tv drama.
Host: Ahh.. your first production. Then i believe many of your fans will be delighted. Now Ryeowook, if you were not a
singer, what occupation would you choose?
Ryeowook: Student.
Host: Student? As in attend school?
Ryeowook: A university student.
Host: Oh.. a university student. What would you major in?
Ryeowook: Music.
Host: Ohh.. Music. Then maybe you can go study music at America's Berkely College.
Ryeowook: okay.
Host: Err.. Donghae.
Donghae: I think.. a soccer player. I like soccer.
Host: But do you think that you might be too old to join a soccer team? (She said it in a nicer way) You might not be able to run.
Donghae: Okay.
*host bursts out laughing* (said something i couldnt catch)
Host: what about Siwon? What would you do if you were not a singer?
Siwon: Roughly.. A student.
Host: Student? Would you study music as well?
Siwon: Nope.
Host: Then what would you study?
Siwon: Its a secret i cannot tell.
Host: Then Henry?
Someone: Farmer. (I cant tell who said it, the rest also join in repeating the word farmer)
Someone again: Snoopy.
Henry: Im not sure, but i should be like Ryeowook (he's trying very hard to talk)
In the background, the rest are repeating the word Snoopy.
Henry: Do i look like snoopy? Because the rest say i look like Snoopy. Yeah anyway, i'm like Ryeowook, i want to attend
university and learn music as well.
Host: So you also want to study music? i guess everyone would want to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams. What about Zhoumi?
Zhoumi: Self holiday creator. I want to be able to work, earn money and go on holiday to travel the world at the same time.
Host: This seems like a more tough occupation.
Zhoumi: Nope. I remember in a previous interview, i said i wanted to meet different people, experience different things, let myself be able to become more multi-cultural.
Host: Then maybe in future, you might become an author and write articles of your own.
Zhoumi: That would be after my holidays, when i write those tour guides *laughs*
Host: Okay. Now Kyuhyun? If one day you weren't a singer, what would you do?
Kyuhyun: a gamer.
Background: correct. correct. correct.
Someone: Starcraft.
Host: wow. is there an occupation like this?
Hangeng: In korea there is an occupation like this, where the person specialises in a game, and takes part in competitions.

Host: Okay. Today is the last day of the program, so what song do you want to share with everyone?
Hangeng: Well.. The song from our album, U.
Background: (constant repetition of "Me" "U")
Hangeng: This is the song that we sang when we first debuted in China. Its also a song that the 13 members of Super Junior sang, and we translated this song into Chinese for this album.
Host: Okay, then let us feel Super Junior M through this song. Hangeng, can you conclude by telling us your latest plans? As well as what can we expect from you guys in the future.
Hangeng: (i dont dare to translate this fully as im not very sure. He did mention the Super Junior Super Show, their
exhibition activities in China next month, and that they will be preparing to release their 2nd album next year. Hopefully someone can translate this part.)

Credits to: samantha01989</lj>/ --dreamx@soompi

im still learning, so feel free to point out any mistakes i might have made. Thanks!

I was laughing away at some parts, especially the farmer part and the snoopy part. Poor Henry though.
And Donghae was so cute, saying okay when the host was saying that he's too old.
And Kyuhyun's ambition to be a Pro gamer.. it seems so like him. I remember in one radio show someone was saying Kyuhyun was pretty engrossed in his game. Game-Kyu~
its moments like these where i really love them the most, where they really show their true innocent selves.
Makes the time and effort spent translating worth it (:
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♥ Samantha
11 September 2008 @ 06:43 pm

apparently boredom was getting to me REALLY BADLY.
so i ended up translating 2 radio clips of SJ-M.
They were each 10mins? but it took me about 2 hours before i finally managed to settle everything.
GAAH, listening comprehension at work, my earphones were in my ears, blasting away, and i was practically snapping everytime Sabrina attempted to disturb me.

This is my first translation, and my Chinese isn't perfect. (The last time i touched a Chinese textbook was a year ago? And i got a D grade for my Chinese A levels. )
Actually its more of a summary than translation, but I guess it'll have to do.
Feel free to correct me if you guys think i can improve anywhere.


Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqwUIGPE_pY

They played a game where they were supposed to continue the words, and they used chinese words.
eg. sheng yin (sound) - yin hang (bank) - hang gong etc.
This went on until about 4:30?
It was kinda cute listening to them trying to pronounce and find the right words.

Anyway Siwon lost the game, and he had to do a forfeit.
Zhoumi suggested dancing, but was rejected because it was a radio show.
So the other alternative was that Siwon sing a song.
The host suggested Siwon sing a girl's song, so he sang zhi shao hai you ni.

they asked Hangeng to reccommend a song to the rest, and he reccommended The One since the Olympics was just over.

Then the host asked them who was their favourite athelete
Donghae: The Swimmer Zhang Lin
Ryeowook: Guo JingJing
Hangeng: Liu Xiang
Siwon: Korean Swimmer Park Tae Hwan & Yao Ming
Henry: The American Tennis player Andy Roddick
Zhoumi: Du Li - He was inspired by the way she managed to win the gold despite being under alot of pressure
Kyuhyun: Li XiaoPeng the gymnast


Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys29K47OSHs

They start the program with a simple tongue twister in Chinese.
Donghae says he knows the tongue twister, he tried saying it but got all mixed up.
He defends himself saying that he's very good.
Hangeng goes next, but when asked to go faster, he also gets it mixed up.
Then its Zhoumi's turn, and he does it perfectly. The host then suggests that he do it 5 times in a row, but he rejects
saying he'll get everything mixed up.


The host asks Donghae to teach them a Korean tongue twister.
You can hear everyone trying to say it properly.
Anyway this tongue twister is used to practice korean pronunciation.
Then the host asks Hangeng to give it a try, and Kyuhyun (i think) repeats it again for him slowly, and you can hear Hangeng repeating it slowly and trying to get the words right.

Then it comes to a point when Hangeng isn't sure of something, and Donghae says he doesnt know as well.
So the host comments that in learning a language, everyone will have areas they are unsure of, and asks them what is hard
about learning the chinese language.
Donghae: when there are similar words, like zhi, chi and shi
Ryeowook: zi, zhi, chi
Siwon: there are different tones in chinese

When it's Henry's turn,
host: chinese should be slightly easier for you.
Henry: I dont have a problem with pronunciation, but my problem is single words. I can basically understand everything as a whole, but i sometimes cannot understand one or two words by itself.
Host: What language do you use to communicate with your parents?
Henry: They talk to me in Chinese. My dad speaks to me in Cantonese, and my mom speaks to me in Mandarin.I reply them in english. My grandparents use Cantonese as well.
Host: then doesn't it mean that you're quite good in your dialect?
Henry: I dont know. haha.
Host: Then can you sing Cantonese Songs?
Henry: Nope. I can speak, but not that well.

SO the host moves on to Zhoumi,
Host: You shouldn't have a problem with Chinese right?
Zhoumi: Its hard *laughs*
Host: I know that Zhoumi composed some of the lyrics in the album, so you should be more comfortable with using Chinese.
Zhoumi: I am more comfortable. After coming to China, my challenge is teaching the members to speak Chinese properly.

Host: Hangeng and Zhoumi, how long did it take you guys to master Korean?
Both: somewhere between 1 to 1.5 years
Zhoumi: to be able to understand and speak it
Host: Do you feel that it is better to learn a foreign language by visiting the country itself?
Both: yes, yes, yes.
Host: But do you feel that in the beginning, having some friends might be better. Like for example, i know that Hangeng went to Korea first, Without knowing anyone. How did you manage?
Hangeng: I had to get used to not having anybody to speak Chinese with.
Host: Did you do anything funny? (as in like making mistakes)
Hangeng: funny stuff.. i forgot. But there should be alot.
Zhoumi: Its all small things. Like for example, when we go to eat, we order the wrong things. So we have no choice but to
admit in Korean that we ordered wrongly, and just say its okay and carry on eating.

So its back to Kyuhyun, and the host asks him what is it like learning the chinese language.
Kyuhyun: Chinese.. everything's hard. Very hard.
Host: Which areas do you find difficult?
Kyuhyun: vocabulary.

Host: So Hangeng, who do you think has the best Chinese in the group?
Hangeng: Siwon.
Host: Is is because of his movie filming?
Hangeng: He once studied in China for 3-4 months.
Siwon: at (couldn't catch) university.
Host: Were you taught by the China students?
Hangeng: He stayed in the dormitories and mixed with them.
Siwon: Hangeng taught me.

So again, Hangeng is asked to reccommend a song, and he reccommends Ai Ni Ai Ni.

Translations by: samantha01989 / --dreamx@soompi
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♥ Samantha
12 August 2008 @ 11:42 pm

Not so recently, but before the exam season started anyway, i was watching Kangta's change, which featured two of his friends, Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hyesung. 

During the part where they pranked Lee Ji Hoon, i was laughing away, especially at the ridiculous change of lyrics. Still kinda admire Lee Ji Hoon's professionalism for being able to sing such a song with a straight face, if it was me, i would have burst out laughing long ago (I have a tendency to start laughing at the slightest things).

At the ending, i was pretty touched by the part where they shared about Kangta's friendship with Ji Hoon, Hyesung, and some other guy. You could really tell that they were really close friends.

Anyway after watching the whole thing, i went and did a little googling of my own, and kinda realised that the three of them were initially part of a project group called S. I also managed to find out that they were the original singers of the song 인형 (Doll) which Eeteuk and Yesung sang during the Super Junior Super Show. I also kind of like their song I Swear, there's a chinese version of it by Energy called Everything in My Heart.

Kangta's currently in the army, so there isn't much news and updates on him recently, except for his progress.

As for Hyesung, he's releasing a new album soon with different genres of songs. As much as i prefer his ballads, im looking forward to a change, it'll be interesting.

I have yet to find an updated Jihoon source, so im still working on that.

Anyway over the next few days, fangirlling will have to take a break while i get studying.

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♥ Samantha
06 August 2008 @ 06:37 pm
I love my sister <3

as mentioned earlier, she got me some Super Junior posters during her trip to Thailand. 

and i must say, she really knew what to pick although she's not really a fan (she only likes  Donghae cause she thinks he's cute)

Thanks alot Sab.

Anyway here are the photos of the posters. I know they might not turn out that nicely here, cause the poster is quite big, and my handphone camera cant take much anyway. Its kinda hard holding down the poster and holding the phone too, im sure some of you guys might understand (:

One of their Super Show posters.. I really love this one <3

The second poster with shots of all 13 guys from one of their ivyclub ads. I have no idea what the text in black below their names says though.. still trying to figure it out.

And closeups from the second poster..

Kibum                                                                        Kangin

eeteuk                                                                       siwon

eunhyuk                                                                    heechul

yesung                                                                      sungmin

donghae                                                                   hangeng

shindong                                                                  ryeowook


yeah thats it for the posters.
Sorry if all my pictures lagged the page or something!
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