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24 October 2008 @ 09:36 pm
SJM ifensi Translations  
After 4 -5 hours of translations, 10 pages of text, i finished this.
wahaha such a sense of accomplishment.
but i still kinda feel bad that i didnt finish my tutorials, and missed AAA lecture cause i overslept =x
i should stop making a habit out of this.. lol.

Host: Hello to all our netizens in front of the computer, as well as to the members. We will start today’s interview now. Firstly, I would like to introduce to everyone today’s guests, who can be said as our no.1 group in Asia now, SJ-M.

SJ-M: Hi everyone, we are Super Junior M.

Host: Really fortunate that SJ-M’s official fan group has recently been registered in ifensi, and this time they are here at ifensi to have a chat with us about their recent situation, as well as personally reply the questions by fans. Firstly, lets allow everyone to have a personal introduction, starting with Zhoumi.

Zhoumi: Hi everyone, I am SJ-M’s member Zhoumi.

Henry: Hi everyone, I am Henry.

Donghae: Hi everyone, I am Lee Donghae.

Siwon: Hi everyone, I am Choi Siwon.

Kyuhyun: Hi everyone, I am Cho Kyuhyun.

Ryeowook: Hi everyone, I am Kim Ryeowook.

Host: Welcome everyone. Today we’re missing one member, which is Hangeng who is filming his drama show. He regrets being unable to be here, we would wish him all the best for his filming to go smoothly, and to take care of himself. Our fangroup meeting will be held in Beijing soon, I would like to ask everyone, what expectations do you have of your fans?

Zhoumi: we just had a 100days fan meeting at Wuhan. Our album has already been out for 6 months, I think that having another fanmeeting is a different of basis, we hope to have the opportunity to meet our fans, and present to everyone a surprise.

Host: There were a lot of fans at the 100 days fan meeting, now there would definitely be a even better appearance and product.

Zhoumi: Yes. Among our members, we want to showcase things that we’ve never shown before, all our talents as well as other special performances to show everyone, and let them see a different side of us.

Host: Just now, Zhoumi has represented everyone in sending a message, he said that, while SJ-M has been in China for 6months, it’s definitely different being with their Korean friends in Korea. I would like to ask, what are some difficulties and interesting stuff?

Siwon: Recently, we kept 2 fishes, and we went back to Korea for afew days. When we came back to China, one of the fishes had died.

Host: You didn’t feed the fish?

Henry: We forgot.

Donghae: We often carry out overseas activities, and even if we were to go around China, there’s no where appropriate to go, so I often miss Korean food.

Host: By saying this, I bet a lot of fans would want to prepare Korean food for you.

Zhoumi: When we first came to Korea, they couldn’t accept Chinese food, and Ryeowook was not used to cooking steamboat. But everything’s okay, we often go to 望京(someplace) to eat steamboat.

Host: Everyone knows that many people in China like you, and you have many fans and fangroups, there must be crazy and interesting incidents that you specially like, or incidents which make you feel touched. Do you have any advice for these fans?

Zhoumi: Because every time we have an activity, we have to go from the dormitory to the airport, and head towards Beijing, so we often see our fans. One interesting moment was when I went out yesterday, and I met some fans. I often see one of them, and I realised he cut his hair, so I asked him if he did cut his hair, and he commented that I was very observant. The fans we meet are like our friends, and we feel close to them, but we hope that those fans that come to support and see us would take care of their health. Especially those that often wait downstairs, your families would worry, so do take care of your safety.

Host: Below your apartment must be a really huge building (laughs). What about the others, have you ever met any really crazy fans, had any awkward moments or any other situations?

Ryeowook: Whenever we have activities or go to the airport, there’ll be a lot of fans, and I often worry about the fans waiting for us and not going home. I hope everyone would listen to more of SJ-M’s songs, and not resort to extreme methods.

Host: SJ-M is really busy, normally when you are not promoting, how do you spend your time?

Kyuhyun: Especially when we are in Korea, we would like to do what we enjoy, such as writing songs or playing games.

Host: What kind of games do you play?

Donghae: Sometimes we play together, 3 vs 3. Kyuhyun really excels at playing games.

Host: So are you saying that Kyuhyun is really good at playing games?

Zhoumi: it’s a hobby, not only is he good at singing, he also really good at playing games. He plays computer games as well as handphone games. Earlier on, while we were on the way here, Ryeowook was playing some games that Kyuhyun taught him how to play.

Henry: There was once when were playing together in the dorm, and I just had learnt how to play. The 3 of us couldn’t beat Kyuhyun.

Host: Does Kyuhyun often ask you guys to play with him?

Donghae: We often play together in the dorm, but for an expert like Kyuhyun, you can hear his voice everywhere in the dorm, even in the living room. (Seriously, I cant get how this sentence makes sense)

Host: Actually Kyuhyun should thank the members for giving him opportunities to train (laughs)

Kyuhyun: Im really thankful for them for playing with me, even though I get the feeling that some of them do not want to play with me any longer (laughs).

Host: Aside from playing computer games, what else do you guys do?

Donghae: Actually, we like exercising, we like sports such as basketball and soccer, especially sports which makes us sweat.

Host: Moving on, you should have some hobbies besides singing. We know that Kyuhyun’s is playing computer games, what about the rest?

Zhoumi: For Henry, besides singing, he is good at playing the violin. Often, he locks himself on the balcony to practice playing the violin. Donghae really likes dancing, if he’s free we can see him practicing in the dorm, wearing his pajamas and dancing. Siwon likes photography, so wherever he goes he will carry his camera, he even brought it today. Someone is using it today.

Host: Is there someone using it here now?

Zhoumi: Yes, its usually with one of our staff. Kyuhyun likes playing games, Ryeowook likes writing songs , besides singing. He often writes songs in the dorm, and cooks for us.

Host: Does it mean that you normally cook together in the dorm?

Henry: We have an ajumma, she normally cooks for us. But if she is not around, Ryeowook will cook for us.

Host: How do you rate his cooking?

Henry: Very good, 99 marks. (laughs)

Host: Ryeowook, did you hear that, you should be willing to cook good food for the members right?
Ryeowook: Okay.

Host: We know that Hangeng’s gone to film his drama serial, Siwon also has experience filming many drama serials, movies and advertisements, especially a large movie production. A lot of our internet friends are asking what your next product is, could you give us a sneak peek?

Siwon: Currently, there are no plans, as a SJ-M member, I haven’t signed on to any other activities. I will wait for such chances and make plans after SJ-M activities end.

Host: In future everyone will see the group taking part in activites, such as joining the filming of drama serials. We know SJ-M has many talents, and they more or less have filming experience. Now everyone, let’s say some blessings to Hangeng.

Zhoumi: We don’t have to say much about Hangeng, he is really good. Winter is approaching, I hope he would take care of his health. Health is wealth.

Donghae: Be careful not to catch a cold!

Henry: Jiayou! (Similar to fighting)

Donghae: Hope Hangeng and smoothly finish this drama series with any accidents, and hope the fans will offer their support.

Kyuhyun: Jiayou!

Host: I know Hangeng has experience in performing, but can the rest of the members summarise, what you have learned as well as what you know regarding performing?

Zhoumi: This is Siwon’s specialty.

Host: Siwon, why do you display such an expression when your hear this?

Siwon: I have a cold. Everyone has their own specialties.

Host: I know that previously, some of you filmed an advertisement for a leisure brand, was there anything interesting that happened?

Zhoumi: This is a small challenge to us, we used to have to jump and take shots, but now everyone has to dance in sync, and everyone has to jump. Henry and Hangeng hyung have no problem jumping. But for a person like me who doesn’t dance, it’s a big problem. At that time it felt interesting, but at the end you have to hold a pose and maintain it. I had to take 30+ shots, and there had to be intervals between each time.

Host: What was it like?

Zhoumi: It was moving abit at a time, your facial expression must be maintained throughout. In the end even though I was almost rigid, I still had to maintain the action.

Host: Kyuhyun, why don’t you try?

Kyuhyun: (Kyuhyun performs)

Zhoumi: This action took about 15minutes, we did it twice, one didn’t turn out that well.

Host: What was Siwon’s action?

Zhoumi: The action of pulling down his clothes.

Host: Definitely handsome. What about Ryeowook?

Zhoumi: The few of us are quiet, only Ryeowook has the action of raising his hand.

Host: If it was me, my fats would be all rigid. Sometimes when laughing, do you guys get cramps?

Zhoumi: We spent almost a whole day’s time filming the advertisement, and we still had to change, every changed into about 7 or 8 outfits, we filmed non-stop. But to us, this is a good experience, as this is the first time SJ-M is filming an advertisement in China.

Henry: It’s quite interesting, really interesting.

Host: Next time they should let you move around for 15 minutes.

Henry: It’s really very interesting, because while filming we have to dance, and for every action, we have to change our clothes.

Zhoumi: It’s a little like a changing (something), it will give you different images to represent.

Netizen: Zhoumi has a dog called “Loach”, I heard it is about the size of a cola can?

Host: What type of dog is it?”

Zhoumi: (I couldn’t translate this, sorry)

Host: You take turns to care for it?

Zhoumi: I’ve brought it to the dorm for a period of time already. Each time Donghae calls home, I ask him what is he doing, he’ll say he’s trying to play with his dog, it’s really tiring.

Henry: I slept with the dog for a day.

Zhoumi: For now, since we’re always having promotion activities, I left the dog at my friend’s place for awhile.

Host: We know Donghae has 2 dogs back in Korea right?

Donghae: I used to keep a dog in the dorm.

Host: Being in China for such a long period of time, do you miss it?

Donghae: When I went back to Korea, I only saw my dog once.

Host: What kind of dogs are they?

Donghae: Both are small dogs, they’re really cute. But because im busy with work, I gave them to my parents to look after them.

Host: Your parents are in Canada, and you’re developing in Korea, do you meet them often? How do you keep in touch?

Henry: I call them once or twice every week to talk to them, telephone bills are expensive. If they hear of any bad news, they will directly call us, and ask how I am.

Host: Do they go online?

Henry: Yeah.

Host: Will they be watching us on ifensi?

Henry: Yes, they’ll be watching.

Host: Fans, you better be careful with the messages you leave, Henry’s parents will be reading.

Henry: If my parents see anything, they will tell me. I can’t read Chinese, so I’ll let my mother take a look.

Host: In China we have a saying that is every festival, you spent it with your family. Like Henry, during these periods, do you think of your parents? Have you ever thought of what to do when Henry misses his family? Because Henry is younger..

Zhoumi: Sometimes, when his parents call to look for him, we try to find time to be with him. We take really good care of our dongsaeng.

Henry: They’re like my real hyungs. If I didn’t eat, they would ask if I had eaten. Ryeowook often cooks food for me, just like me real family.

Host: I feel that you guys are really too united, it’s really sweet. I’ve interviewing Henry, let’s move on to Kyuhyun. During the 100 days fanmeeting, you sang Qi Qin’s (some Chinese singer) song.

Kyuhyun: I’ve been practicing a few songs, I’ll keep them as a secret for now, and share then with everyone in future.

Host: Can you hum or sing for us 2 lines?

Kyuhyun: I’ve heard many songs, but I don’t know the lyrics.

Host: Maybe you can hum. And let the netizens guess.

Kyuhyun: No need.

Zhoumi:Normally he will shut the door to hum and sing. Sometimes we can casually hear really good Chinese songs (He meant Kyuhyun has standard). Next month you can hear Kyuhyun singing really nice songs, please look forward to it.

Host: We won’t put you in a spot, yes, let everyone look forward to it, and when the time comes, give them a surprise. Some netizens want to ask Ryeowook… Can you guess what kind of question they are asking?

Ryeowook: Did they say I’m more handsome? (laughs)

Host: Yes, many people are now saying Ryeowook is becoming more and more handsome, and with his handsome aura, letting people find him hard to let go of. How does Ryeowook view this?

Ryeowook: Specially thank the makeup artistes for helping me select nice clothes and a good hairstyle to make me become more handsome.

Host: If one day, there was a special miracle effect that could make yourself more handsome, out of the members, who would you want to be more handsome than?

Ryeowook: I think Henry’s laugh is really cute, as well as his cute appearance, so I would like to be more handsome than Henry.

Henry: He’s already more handsome than me. (laughs)

Host: Below we have a little game, if you had a chance to be someone else in SJ-M, of course, not yourself, who would you choose?

Zhoumi: I would like to become Donghae.

Host: Reason?

Zhoumi: I mentioned earlier, for this advertisement, if I’m okay, everyone else is okay, but the problem is with my dancing. If I was Donghae, I wouldn’t have to care so much, I could dance whatever I want. I’d like to try, but up to now my feet are still splayed everywhere, I hope to catch up with everyone’s steps.

Host: Next!

Henry: I’d like to become Siwon, because he is handsome, and he is tall.

Siwon: Thanks.

Host: We can see from the statistics, some want to be Donghae, some want to be Siwon. Who does Donghae want to become?

Donghae: Zhoumi. He is a little humorous, and the first time I saw him it was from afar, I couldn’t see clearly, but I felt that his blurry image looked really handsome, really good looking.

Host: I’d like to ask Donghae, did you pick Zhoumi because he picked you? With this kind of feeling, irregardless, you would just pick Zhoumi?

Donghae: Zhoumi knows how to dressup, when we go out to buy clothes, he can buy inexpensive clothes and still look good in them.

Host: Next is Siwon, who would you want to become?

Siwon: Ryeowook. Because Ryeowook has his specialty, he’s gifted in writing songs, and he’s a singer as well, that’s why I really admire him.

Host: Now let’s ask Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun: I want to become Henry, because he can dance very well, and he’s young. I now want to change my answer to Hangeng!!

Host: What about Ryeowook?

Ryeowook: Hangeng hyung. I feel that everyone is handsome, everyone can think, but Hangeng really thinks. Zhoumi is Hangeng’s fan.

Host: Just nice, there’s 7 of you,you can represent the 7days of the week. (laughs) Just now 2 people mentioned Hangeng, why do you want to become him?

Donghae: Hangeng is our leader.

Siwon: and he’s the oldest. (laughs)

Ryeowook: The few of us have our parents in Korea, and we think of them. If Hangeng was around, we would have a sense of sureness.

Host: If its like you said, Hangeng would be really touched if he was watching this live broadcast.

Zhoumi: He’s already starting to feel touched now.

Host: Now that he’s starting to be happy, you should say he’s too old (laughs)

Zhoumi: Actually, we came back from Korea yesterday, we hope that while we’re in China, we can visit and observe Hangeng hyung while he’s filming.

Host: If all of you were to go, Hangeng would really be heartened. I know that you live in a dorm together, while interacting with each other, you would have discovered some characteristics about each other. Zhoumi, could you imitate your member’s actions, language, or expressions?

Siwon: Are you referring to those actions that are easy on the eyes? Ryeowook always lies on the bed to listen to songs, seeing him like that always makes me feel comfortable.

Host: Let’s imitate.

Siwon: I want to imitate the way Donghae sleeps. (imitates) His head is like this, this is the way he looks after just waking up.

Donghae: While most people sleep this way, he sleeps like this, then sleeps like this. (imitates)

Host: Lets give Zhoumi a chance?

Zhoumi: Actually, I wanted to imitate Donghae.

Host: Okay, let’s have another one!

Zhoumi: I want to learn how Siwon walks, we know Siwon walks handsomely, with a good body, and is also handsome. Everytime we come out of the airport, he will walk like this (imitates), he walks with a pattern.

Siwon: I’d like to learn from Zhoumi. (laughs) (imitates the way Zhoumi walks)

Host: We can find out that from their everyday interactions, each member observes each other closely. There are many that are quite funny, Henry is laughing.

Henry: Its really very funny. (laughs)

Host: Next?

Henry: I don’t have any.

Host: There should be, don’t you live with them? Expressions or the way they talk are also fine.

Henry: I can’t think of any.

Host: then what is your pet phrase?

Henry: Nothing special.

Host: Then you recommend one, who do you think has the best imitation ability here? Okay lets move on to the next person, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook definitely have special characteristics in their lives, I think the way Ryeowook sits is his special characteristic.

Ryeowook: Because the chair is really nice to sit in. (laughs)

Host: Who can imitate Kyuhyun and Ryeowook?

Kyuhyun: We can, but because we’re friends, we don’t want to learn.

Host: Okay lets imitate Hangeng. We can choose, his characteristics or his handsome aura.

Henry: I want to learn, but I’m scared to learn, and I still don’t dare to learn.

Host: It’s okay. Who wants to willingly imitate? Siwon is really good at imitating.

Siwon: Hangeng is the leader, so during interviews, normally he will talk first, and when he talks, there is one thing that he often does. During the interview, he would be like me right now, doing this kind of expression and actions.

Host: I think that an imitation like this is acceptable, this is an example of the person’s characteristics in their daily life.

Zhoumi: Each time we’re at fanmeetings or when we have to greet everyone, one special thing is that we don’t greet them on our own, we greet them as a group together.

Host: Then shall we do one together now?

Zhoumi: Hi everyone, I’m Zhoumi. (The rest imitate the action)

Host: That’s really cute. In your daily life, who do you think is most cute? Or who always makes everyone laugh.

Siwon: When greeting everyone, saying hi is really cute.

Host: Maybe its cause of the Chinese! Just now when I heard your voices, it sounded like cartoon voices.

Henry: Its because their voices are slightly lower, so after they finish saying hi, I will say hi.

Host: I feel imitating has a special meaning, we now have a imitation question, that is who can you imitate best, imitating anyone is fine. If you do not have one then maybe a cartoon face? Zhoumi will go first, its not good being near to me. (laughs)

Zhoumi: I saw a cartoon when I was young. (Imitates)

Henry: I’ll imitate Snoopy!

Host: You can imitate Tom & Jerry as well. As long as it’s a cartoon, its fine. I’ll imitate a mouse, im not sure if they look alike. (imitates mouse) do they look alike?

Henry: meaningful. (laughs)

(donghae imitates)

Host: Today has been really happy, we’ve talked for very long. Since you’re here at our ifensi today, let everyone of the members say something for our fans.

Siwon: I’m really thankful for everyone who’s been supporting us all this while, hope everyone will continue to support us in future.

Ryeowook: SJ-M has prepared a lot for the fans, such as our performances and fanmeetings, hope that at that time our fans will come to the venue and sing our songs with us.

Kyuhyun: I didn’t sing any songs today, but at the next fanmeeting I may be singing for everyone, so hope you look forward to it.

Henry: Thanks for your support, thanks for your love, thank you for the presents you have given our members. We’re really thankful for you seeing us off, thank you, we will work harder in future.

Zhoumi: Just like Henry said, we have been having activities in China for 6months already, and in these 6months, we’ve had everyone’s support and encouragement. Really hope everyone will stay healthy, and hope that while loving and supporting us, everyone will take care of their health, and hope that everyone will visit ifensi more often to see our progress, thank you everyone!

Host: It is here we wish SJ-M to develop better and better, that your fans will support you more and more, and hope that you will showcase your best to them. Thank you!

SJ-M: Thank you!

Credits: SJ-M ifensi for the Chinese transcript. samantha01989@livejournal for the english translation.
Translations maynot be 100% correct, but the rough gist is there.
Current Music: Super Junior - So I
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