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24 November 2008 @ 12:47 am
[Info & Trans] SJ Members Most Secret and Most Complete Records – Lee Donghae  
Erica knows, i've been working on this during the past few days. (I started on Wednesday morning.. finished Friday night?)
I could have finished it faster, but i guess procrastination got the better of me.
But in the end, i'm glad i didn't give this up like i initially planned to.

Someone posted this data & description of Donghae in his chinese cyworld, and i translated it cause its really cute and funny too.
Donghae's so adorable and sweet (:
So yeah here it goes, hope you enjoy it..

[Information] SJ Members Most Secret and Most Complete Records – Lee Donghae
Donghae In This Way

Donghae before debut

Year 2001, Donghae took part in the SM selections, and won that year’s best outward appearance, after which he entered SM Entertainment, and became a SM trainee.

Since that year, Donghae began following his plan to his dream. When he entered SM, Donghae was still a year 3 student. In order to balance his studies and training, he could only rush between Mokpo PU and Seoul, and because of his class schedule, Donghae could only go to SM every weekend to practice~ so he always envied Eunhyuk and Sungmin who lived in Seoul.

Donghae would often have this kind of conversation with Yunho—

Yunho: Ah, Donghae, when did you arrive?
Donghae: I came after school ended.. Ah, damn, I didn’t have a train ticket so I could only take the public bus. Do you know, its so crowded. Yunho Hyung~ What about you?
Yunho: Me? I booked a train ticket last week, so I took the train. Ah~ tired!
Donghae: By the looks of it, I really envy those kids with families in Seoul. Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Junsu are so fortunate, they only need about an hour to get here from home right?
Yunho: yeah, really envy them~

26 December 2003, Yunho and Junsu who were very close to Donghae, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Changmin debuted as Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ).

Donghae told Eunhyuk: “TVXQ is so lucky to be able to debut, when will it be our turn? We’ve been training for more almost 5 years already~”

Eunhyuk patted Donghae’s shoulder and said: “ Don’t say that, we will have a good chance too, just wait, a good opportunity will come, don’t worry.”

Even though Eunhyuk said this, but actually, in his heart, he felt discouraged too. They had trained together as friends, and now that one or two of them had debuted like this, they could help but feel left behind.6 November 2005, Donghae debuted as a member of Super Junior ~

About Donghae’s Father

Donghae’s father always spoilt Donghae~ As long as it was something Donghae liked, his father would support him without any conditions. When Donghae was young he liked sports, so he was part of a handball team for 1 year. Later, he told his father that he liked soccer, and felt that he could play well, and his father agreed, so he became part of a soccer team for a year.

When Donghae was in his 2nd year of Junior High, his father asked him if he wanted to be a singer. As Donghae’s father had a dream to be a singer, but due to objections from his parents when he was young, he was unable to fulfill his dream, hence he really hoped Donghae could be a singer. After Donghae seriously thought about it, he replied his father saying he wanted to be a singer, because he liked dancing, and he had confidence!

Hence, under his father’s help, Donghae began practicing for auditions…

But at his first audition, Donghae didn’t get chosen, and that was the first time he had met failure in his life. Under his father’s encouragement, Donghae started preparing for his second selection~

The second time, Donghae made it! His father was really happy Donghae was selected by SM~~

Donghae said: “When I was a trainee, there were times I could not perform well, and every night I would secretly cry in the dorm. Even though I could swallow those words against me, but being young, I was hurt a lot. At that time, what made me stand up again was my father.”

Because he spent many years as a trainee, and his friends were debuting one by one, Donghae felt apologetic towards his family, like he had let down their hopes. But his father always encouraged him saying: “ Don’t you know, in order to build a big vessel, it needs a lot of time, hence in order to become someone important, you need even more time. Donghae my son, I believe that to people like these, time is not the most important thing!”

25 June 2006, Super Junior got the SBS Inkigayo Mutizen award, which was their first award. When Donghae was giving his thank you speech, he told his father who was sick : “Dad, don’t feel in pain, I love you!”

On 8 august 2006 at 2am, Donghae’s father was in the hospital, and he quietly left, leaving this world..

Donghae said his biggest wish : even if it was once, he wanted his father to be able to attend his concert T T
Donghae said his most unforgettable date is 8 August, that day was the last time he saw his father.
“Dance with my father” is a song Donghae wanted to dedicate to his father T T

Donghae who has no respect
(its more of encounters with the members)

1. The wrapping paper incident
Donghae: When Heechul’s fans give him presents, sometimes he opens them himself, sometimes I open them for him. After unwrapping, Heechul hyung will walk off… So once, I got mad and asked him to tidy everything!

Heechul: There was one period of time I kept those wrapping papers… After that I found it useless, and got lazy to tidy them~ (But after Donghae’s nagging, Heechul still obediently went back to tidy all the messy wrapping papers)

(Come to think of it, Donghae was almost becoming the inspection squad’s team leader, if he wasn’t nagging his hyungs about keeping their things after eating, he was nagging them about being untidy. In the end, except himself, all the members disliked cleanliness. Donghae, why don’t you just personally tidy everything yourself?)

2. The school results incident
On some FM radio show, the members were all saying that because they were trainees, their results were all not very good, but Kangin was saying Donghae’s results were the worst.

Being struck by the chain of attacks saying “Donghae, you neglected your studies too much”, Donghae lost his temper on the show, arguing back and yelling : “Does that mean that your results are very good?!”

In the end, Eeteuk and the DJ had to beat around the bush, to allow the program to continue~

3. Provoking Yesung
On 9th May’s Miracle For you, Donghae went to be a guest~ As a guest, he made provoking Yesung his aim. After Yesung had finished singing a song and was feeling euphoric, Donghae told him:”Hyung, you’re very funny now!” and started teasing Yesung.

Yesung asked Donghae to be a guest in future, and Donghae quickly replied:” No thanks! I’m very busy, and even if I wasn’t busy, I would rather be with the other members!”

An angry Yesung grabbed Donghae’s hand and wanted to hit him, and Donghae took advantage of the situation to irritably say:”We’re on bora now, don’t grab my hand for no reason.”

Yesung angrily said:”Who was the one that made me want to grab his hand?”
Donghae acted innocent, saying: “But im a guest~”

Yesung: A guest is a guest, but we are like brothers, I’m treating you like a dongsaeng!
Donghae wasn’t afraid of getting into trouble, and threw out the next sentence: “We met because of work, we interact because of work~”
But before Yesung could say anything, Donghae added:”I love you!”

In the end, Yesung couldn’t bear to hit Donghae, and he left it at that~

4. Heechul and Kangin’s apology

060301 YS Heechul’s radio station, Donghae was reading messages from the listeners, but he couldn’t read them well~

Kangin: What’s with you, we’re trying to help you recover your image, if you keep acting like this, people would think you can’t read well!
Donghae: Its not like that.
Kangin: Hurry, when we let you read, just read properly!
Heechul: Why do you always say its not like that…

Donghae: Ah… I really… (Starting to stammer)
Kangin: You don’t like doing radio programs? Hurry!
Heechul: Okay we won’t let you read… Our Donghae used to be a very good boy…

Donghae: Why are you guys like that!
Heechul: Why are you like that to us~

Donghae: I’m getting angry!
Kangin: Okay, at most we’ll let you finish reading the messages. There’s not enough time, hurry up and read~
Heechul: Sorry, we’re wrong okay…
Kangin: Sorry
Heechul: Come on… forgive us…

Donghae: Feeling apologetic and sorry now?
Heechul: Forgive us… Hurry and finish reading, there’s not enough time to listen to the songs…

Finally, Donghae obediently finished reading the contents of the message…

Donghae with Prince Syndrome

1. The photo incident
Eunhyuk and Eetuek’s testimony:
Donghae put his own photo (bringing a photo frame with a large photo) in the kitchen which everyone uses.

Eunhyuk asked him “Why don’t you hang it in your own room?”
Donghae boldly said:” I live in this house, it is my label!”

Eeteuk and Eunhyuk sent out a message – When we get home today, we must make Donghae take his photo down!
But… that photo has been hanging there for very long… and it is still hanging there.

Compassionate Donghae

Donghae is compassionate and cries easily, everyone knows that~~

Donghae: I can’t bear to be mean to Eunhyuk, because I’m afraid he will get hurt~

Donghae wrote on a note: Me and Eetuek Hyung are one body, if I do anything apologetic to Teukie Hyung, I cannot give Teukie Hyung more love. Using these words, to reassure Eeteuk who is very anxious now for our COMEBACK, and give him support!

When Kibum first came back to Korea and entered SM, because of his own personality, his lack of initiative, and being in an unfamiliar environment, he was always very careful and very scared. At that time when Donghae saw Kibum, he walked up to him, hugged him, patted his shoulder, telling Kibum not to be nervous.
Kibum said Donghae was the first person to hug him after he returned to Korea, and he was touched, and thankful to Donghae.

When Heechul got into a car accident and had to stay in hospital, Donghae often visited him, brought him food, talked with him, cause he was afraid Heechul would be bored. Even when he couldn’t visit the hospital due to his schedule, Donghae would send SMSes to Heechul.

Donghae always cried easily since he was young, and not long after his father passed away, Donghae made his comeback. All the members were worried for Donghae, but he would laugh and tell everyone: “I’m okay, I’m the strong Lee Donghae! I can do it!” But at night, when he couldn’t sleep, he would secretly hide in the toilet and cry.

Eeteuk always loved and respected Donghae’s father, and when they were trainees, he would follow Donghae to visit Donghae’s father. During last year’s KMFM year end prize presentation, Super Junior won the best newcomer award. When Eeteuk and Donghae were giving their thank you speeches, they both mentioned Donghae’s father. When they were going down the stage, Eeteuk was crying very badly. When they went backstage, Donghae hugged the crying Eeteuk who was fiercer than him, and told him:” It’s okay, everything’s over, my father will know!”

What is Donghae’s favorite colors?
- Black, Blue, White, Red, Yellow

Donghae’s most precious possession?
- The bracelet from his mother! He always wears it and never takes it off

Donghae’s most hated colour?
- Pink. Because Donghae said Sungmin’s wardrobe is directly opposite his bed, and inside, there are only pink clothes. Sungmin’s stuffed toys are pink, his pillow is pink, his clothes are pink, his bag is pink, his shoes are pink. Donghae’s seen so much pink that he can’t take it any longer!

Credits: samantha01989</lj> , 金玉@Donghae's Chinese Cy

Oh and just a tiny warning..
more fangirl expected in future.
I'll try to lj-cut to spare those of you who aren't exactly kpop fans..
worse case scenario, i'll custom group?

Eri(kaya) ♫ayakabun on November 24th, 2008 02:07 pm (UTC)
i wanna trans too, but that's not possible, lol.
Eri(kaya) ♫ayakabun on November 24th, 2008 02:07 pm (UTC)
as in, that'd be robbing you of your rice bowls. 'sides, i cant be bothered to find these things. Lolz.
♥ Samantha: sexy donghae <3samantha01989 on November 24th, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
lol lets apply econs, its a perfectly competitive market, the best one wins. LOL.

or lets just go market competition with slight differentiation? (as in we translate different stuff)

lol personally i wont mind if you decide to translate, im doing it for boredom, and for fun. i might be able to supply resources as well..
Eri(kaya) ♫: Heechul - <3ayakabun on November 28th, 2008 02:44 pm (UTC)
i need sources to translate, that's all. /heh.
if you provide, i consider O: