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09 December 2008 @ 11:13 pm

i translated this off a post from sjchina
but a part of me feels guilty for doing it - i just can't explain it.
am i thinking too much?
anyway its only in part cause shieldkitten had already done the earlier parts, refer back here for her translations.
if i did anything wrong by translating this.. im really sorry. it was unintentional.

5. During this period of expanding in China, what was the thing that left SJ-M with the deepest impression?
Zhoumi: The other members have done activities in Korea, but I and Henry are new members, the fans were meeting us for the first time. Regardless of whether it was at the dormitory, at the airport or at activity venues, there would always be many fans there to see us. Regardless of their concern towards us individually or towards M, they gave us a lot of love, and this point makes me feel especially touched.

6. Of all the Chinese cities you’ve been to, which is the one the members like the most? What is your favorite Chinese cuisine?
Henry: Every city has its own characteristics, everywhere is good. What I like to eat the most are the small spicy lobsters.
Zhoumi: Ryeowook really likes to eat spicy diced chicken with peanuts and shredded pork with sweet and sour sauce, whenever we go out to eat, he only orders these 2 dishes.
Donghae: Roast duck, small spicy lobsters, mutton kebabs.

7. Now, which of the members have the best standard of Chinese?
Donghae: everyone.

8. In the beginning, Zhoumi and Henry could be said to be strangers to the rest of the members, what was your first impression of them?
Ryeowook: In the beginning, I didn’t think Henry was as cute as he is now, in the beginning he felt very MAN, and a little scary. Because when we first met, his body was better built.
Siwon: The first time I met Zhoumi he was very polite. I felt Henry was cute, and Zhoumi was very reliable.

9. If there were 25 hours in a day, what would you do with the extra 1 hour?
Henry: eat sweets.
Donghae: sleep.
Kyuhyun: go to space (I think he means outerspace?)
Zhoumi: Go to a coffee shop. When I have nothing to do, I will sit there and stone.
Siwon: Zhoumi would definitely make a call, because in a day, he talks over the phone for 10hours. As for me, I’ve never thought about this question. (I’m not very sure about the phone part, I made a literal translation of what was written)
Ryeowook: I want to do a lot of things, such as cleaning my room.

10. With all of you living under the same roof, who is the most hardworking person? And who likes cleanliness the most?
Henry: Ryeowook.
Ryeowook: Zhoumi
Zhoumi: For all the members, we do things together, such as cleaning and cleanliness, eating, keeping the bowls and chopsticks. When one member stands up, the rest would come and help. If someone is making porridge, there definitely would be someone peeling the peanuts, and someone peeling the chestnuts.
Everyone: Ryeowook likes cleanliness the most.

11. Who is the member in the group that you envy the most?
Kyuhyun: I envy Hangeng, because he can speak Chinese, and he’s the leader, he has authority. He’s really worth envying.
Henry: Siwon, he’s really handsome, like a prince charming.
Ryeowook: Henry’s cute, and his personality is not bad.
Zhoumi: Kyuhyun, after the end of everyday’s activities, he would energetically start playing games at home, without being disturbed by anything. If someone were to be focused on one thing every day without having to worry about other things, that would be very happy.
Donghae: everyone.
Siwon: no one.
Kyuhyun: because Siwon is already too perfect.
Siwon: I envy Zhoumi, because he has a good character, and his heart is pure.

12. When its your birthday, which members will remember your birthday?
Siwon: Donghae & Ryeowook

13. This Christmas, what presents would you like to get?
Henry: A plane ticket home.
Donghae: I want to see Santa Claus.
Siwon: to spend Christmas with the members and staff, something like going on a vacation somewhere.
Zhoumi: Santa Claus, and having a party with everyone.
Kyuhyun: to choose someone from among our fans to spend Christmas with
Donghae: Kyuhyun wants to hear this sentence: “Fans all over Asia love you.”
Ryeowook: Since debut, we’ve been having activities every Christmas, and I think this year we will have activities too. Spending Christmas with fans is not bad.

14. If you were to go to a KTV, whose songs would you like to sing? Do you sing your own songs?
Kyuhyun: If we were to go with our friends, they would choose our songs, and we would sing and dance together.
Siwon: We went to a KTV in China twice, we sang our own Chinese songs.

15. Men with talents, men with money, men which look handsome, what kind would you like to become?
Everyone: we would like to become men with talents.

16. If you could choose, what would you like to chance about yourself?
Everyone: We hope to develop our talent better, and improve in singing, dancing and acting.

17. Say something that you want to tell your fans.
Siwon: Donghae has the most charisma, so he will represent us.
Donghae: (in Chinese) You are our everything! (Ni Shi wo men de quan bu)

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