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11 January 2010 @ 11:04 pm
[oneshot] When Kyuhyun Met Hyaku  
When Kyuhyun Met Hyaku
Pairing: KyuMin with Hyaku
Rating: PG
Summary: Sungmin brings Hyaku home, and Kyuhyun learns to live with the kitten.

Specially written for whenstars_fall
My very first KyuMin fic! This was actually supposed to be a Christmas gift.. but it got delayed due to writer's block. Anyway hope you guys will enjoy it. I might post this up on miracle, depending on my mood.. Managed to get the courage to post this on miracle.

Day 1
Kyuhyun received the shock of his life when one day, Sungmin walked in through the door or their room, carrying a tiny little furball in his arms. Sungmin was practically grinning from ear to ear with happiness as he held up the tiny kitten, and introduced him to Kyuhyun.

“Kyu, meet Hyaku! He’s going to be living with us from now on!”

Hyaku’s response was to swat his tiny paw in the general direction of Kyuhyun. Whether it was out of friendliness or out of spite, Kyuhyun would never know. But thankfully, Hyaku didn’t have any claws yet, or Kyuhyun would have ended up with a nice and tiny scratch on his nose.

Kyuhyun frowned, but kept his mouth shut. He didn’t have a fond liking for cats, and Heebum was good enough evidence that cats were evil. However, as much as he didn’t want to live in the same room as one, he would put up with it. Because Sungmin’s smile was ever so bright, and kitten or not, he would put up with it, especially if it meant seeing that same smile every day.

Day 3
Sungmin’s corner of the room gradually began to change, as Sungmin filled it with kitty toys, and transformed it into a play corner for Hyaku. Sungmin was obviously in love with the kitten as he cooed over the little creature, took millions of photos to upload on his cyworld to show the world his “little baby”.

However, Hyaku was becoming more and more curious about his surroundings, and was starting to explore the different areas of the room. While exploring the room, it knocked over stuff placed on the floor, and gave Sungmin a million heart attacks whenever it seemed like it would break something valuable, or when it got itself tangled between cables.

It was fun to watch Sungmin acting like an anxious mother, Kyuhyun noted, as he watched his roommate follow Hyaku around the room, rescuing the kitten from all the tiny mishaps. At this moment, Sungmin was on his knees and holding a kitty treat, trying to coax Hyaku out from its hiding spot under the bed.

“Come on, Hyaku… Papa’s here!” Sungmin called out, waving the treat.

It worked, the kitten dashed towards Sungmin and the treat. However, instead of chomping down the treat in Sungmin’s outstretched hand… Hyaku chose to bite Sungmin on the index finger instead.

OUCH, was the one word that echoed in Kyuhyun’s mind as the shock registered on Sungmin’s face. Running beside his roommate, who had his finger held up, Kyuhyun could see that Hyaku’s teeth had managed to cut a tiny piece of skin, and there was blood oozing from the cut.

Kyuhyun looked down to stare at the little “vampire”, who was munching on the treat on the floor, seeming oblivious to its crime, before fetching the first aid kit, and bandaging Sungmin’s finger.

Playfully, Kyuhyun gave Sungmin’s finger a kiss when he was done with the bandaging, which earned him a weird look from his roommate, which slowly evolved into a smile. Since when did Kyuhyun, the snarky magnae, willingly give someone a kiss on the finger?

Day Five

Sungmin was out for filming, leaving Kyuhyun and Hyaku alone in the room.

Kyuhyun woke up to find the little ball of fur sleeping right beside him, right on his pillow. However, no matter how many times he shooed Hyaku off, or put it on the floor, somehow it would find its way back then again. Kyuyhun tried locking it in its cage, but Hyaku would just keep mewing loudly until Kyuhyun had to let it out if he wanted more beauty sleep.

“Sungmin’s spoiled brat.” was the words that appeared in his mind, as he sleepily watched the little kitten’s chest rise up and down in its sleep, before rolling over and going back to sleep.

Day Six

Hyaku had decided to take a little outing around the house… and had given Sungmin and Kyuhyun a heart attack in the process.

Sungmin was still fast asleep after a tiring day of schedules when Kyuhyun awoke in the morning. It was Kyuhyun’s turn to prepare breakfast for the people in their dorm, and he decided he would prepare something extra special today.

Kyuhyun was in the middle of preparing Sungmin’s favorite sunny side up eggs, when Sungmin appeared in the kitchen, in a state of shock. Apparently, Hyaku was nowhere to be found in their room, and Sungmin was positive the kitten had wandered somewhere.

This led to Kyuhyun abandoning his breakfast preparations, and searching the whole dorm for Hyaku. They finally found him at the corner of the wall outside Eunhyuk’s room, hissing at nothing in particular, with its back arched in fear. The minute Hyaku saw Sungmin, it immediately ran into its owners arm, with Sungmin taking it back to their room.

This whole episode left Kyuhyun questioning himself: why did he care so much about Hyaku when he obviously disliked the kitten? Was it because of Sungmin… or was he starting to like the kitten?

Day Seven

That night, to celebrate Hyaku’s first week of joining them, Sungmin brought a bottle of wine back. Sitting by the table near the window in their room, with Hyaku wandering along the windowsill, the two roommates took out two wine glasses, while they sat and enjoyed their wine.

Kyuhyun smiled as he watched Sungmin’s face, staring at Hyaku as it curiously nudged the various items on the window sill, before turning to look at the kitten beside him. As though it could read Kyuhyun’s mind, Hyaku leaped into Kyuhyun’s lap, before settling down and purring softly.

Kyuhyun gave Sungmin a look that said: “Get him off me”, which only resulted in Sungmin’s laughter. Pouring more wine into Kyuhyun’s glass, Sungmin raised his and asked for a toast.

“Here’s a toast to KyuMin and Hyaku! Roommates and friends forever!”

Kyuhyun grinned as he toasted back, as he received his answer. Kyumin and Hyaku. That actually sounded nice. He loved Sungmin, and was actually starting to like Hyaku, and he knew that he wouldn’t mind having them by his side… forever.
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andeeannedee08 on January 13th, 2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
kyumin & hyaku~ <3
i like cats. i'd probably fall for hyaku XDDD

cute fic ^^